Camlock Coupling maintenance

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Camlock Coupling maintenance

Cam lock couplings are vital end connection components to avoid injuries caused by high pressure and the hazardous material to be carried by the hose. Periodic inspection and testing should be done before signs showing deterioration, damage or loss.

A complete cam lock fittings contains coupler, adapter, gasket, cam arm and pins. If any component fails, the whole performance will be affected.

Gaskets include Viton, buna, PTFE, silicone and EPDM. You choose correct gasket for your application. If you are not sure about this, contact us for right recommendation. Gaskets should be replaced when it becomes hard and brittle.

Frequently check seal surfaces on both coupler and adapter for signs of wear or corrosion. No excessive wear will be found on the groove surface.

Cam arm and pins:
They also should be periodically inspected for excessive wear. Worm cam arms and pins will prevent the intended operation.

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